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Each public entity has a unique set of financial needs. The HilltopSecurities team brings expertise that extends far beyond standard financing options like municipal bond issues. Our specialists will help you explore every avenue available to meet your financing goals, providing critical guidance every step of the way.


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Managing your cash flow efficiently is a critical part of lowering costs, reducing risk, and staying prepared for unexpected expenses. HilltopSecurities will help you set up the right systems to optimize your cash position.

HilltopSecurities offers a variety of services to help you manage the cost of continued benefits for your employees. This includes our PEBTrust, an irrevocable OPEB trust established by HilltopSecurities. PEBTrust allows clients to pre-fund for retiree medical costs, helping to reduce balance sheet liabilities and overall long-term costs.

Arbitrage refers to the profit from buying in one market and selling in another. If you reinvest capital from a tax-exempt bond issue, you may owe a portion of that money back to the federal government in the form of arbitrage rebate. The HilltopSecurities team will provide you with the guidance you need to stay in compliance with all IRS policies and regulations regarding arbitrage, including calculating rebate amounts.

HilltopSecurities is one of the only financial advisory firms in the U.S. with a dedicated continuing disclosure services practice. Our continuing disclosure specialists work closely with you to help you prepare and file the appropriate reports. This unique approach saves both time and resources for your organization while helping ensure you remain in compliance with SEC rule 15c2-12.

IRS post-issuance compliance rules cover three major areas: arbitrage rebate, document retention, and limitations on private business use. The HilltopSecurities Public Finance team includes experts in all areas of post-issuance compliance. Our specialists will help you put in place the systems that will ensure that you meet all necessary regulations with the least amount of work.

HilltopSecurities offers a wide range of solutions for managing your balance sheets, including hedging and commodities strategies to mitigate investment risk.

Learn more about how HilltopSecurities can help you fund your most critical projects.

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