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HilltopSecurities financial professionals are distinguished by their expertise in a broad range of investment solutions, their commitment to serving the needs of their clients, and — most importantly — their honesty and integrity. Our dedicated professionals will work with you to put you on the road to your ideal picture of financial success.

Turnkey Solutions
We provide access to certain turnkey and a la carte services for fee-based advisory accounts, as well as performance reporting services for brokerage accounts.
The SMA program provides the Advisor access to a selection of separate account managers who typically invest in a portfolio of individual equity and/or fixed income securities depending upon that manager’s stated strategy.
The FSP program provides the Advisor access to a selection of ETF and Mutual Fund portfolios that are managed by third party strategists. Each strategist typically offers a selection of portfolios that range from conservative to aggressive, allowing the client and advisor to select a portfolio to meet the client’s risk tolerance.
Our UMA allows the combination of two or more SMA Managers or FSP Strategists to manage an allocated portion of the assets (each allocation is a “sleeve”) within a single account. If an Advisor is approved for and their firm policies allow the advisor to take discretion, the Advisor may also serve as portfolio manager for one or more sleeves within the UMA.
The Advisor as Portfolio Manager (APM) program may be offered for discretionary and/or non-discretionary accounts, depending upon the Advisor’s policies and approvals. The non-discretionary program allows the Advisor to apply an asset allocation model to an account then trade that account through the platform and monitor drift (and other investment policies) versus the target. The discretionary version of the tool allows the Advisor to create specific model portfolios, attach clients to those models, and manage one or more accounts by administering the model.
This offering is similar to the APM program, only it eliminates the mandatory use of a model portfolio or target allocation. This program is best suited for the Advisor who has their own infrastructure to monitor investment policies and prefers a more open, flexible architecture over the structure of the APM offering. Account aggregation is provided by Yodlee, which is integrated into the Envestnet platform.
Under this offering the Hilltop Securities’ ASG department provides performance reporting services for your firm. This offering is available to brokerage or advisory accounts.

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