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Debt Capital Markets works with numerous types of investment-related projects including restructurings, fuel hedging, and structured products. By utilizing a highly collaborative approach, we focus on finding the most attractive solutions for our governmental, nonprofit, and corporate clients, partnering with in-house professionals and outside parties involved in each project.

The teams within our Debt Capital Markets department operate at the intersection of HilltopSecurities’ several major business lines. Our unique position allows us to provide highly customized options through a narrower lens to clients with specific mandates and short- and long-range needs.


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Infrastructure projects are critical for improving our communities. HilltopSecurities has the experience public and private entities need to finance their project initiatives, including public-private partnerships, design-bid-build, and build-finance projects. We’re able to develop innovative financial strategies to help fund your infrastructure project from start to finish while supporting your long-term budget and bottom-line.

HilltopSecurities works with developers and city managers to originate, issue, and restructure debt. We can provide the guidance and real-time access to secondary markets to help you identify and implement an appropriate financing method while remaining compliant.

HilltopSecurities’ Debt Capital Markets team collaborates with public and private clients to originate and issue debt through various funding vehicles. We serve as a natural hub for market data and guidance to help you access the financing sources you need.

HilltopSecurities is a full capital stack provider to public and private partners to restructure or offset the debt service requirements of equity and mezzanine debt. We partner with you to price debt in a cost-efficient way that minimizes risk and supports your short- and long-term financial visions.

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