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Estate Planning: Keep Your Money in the Right Hands

Your estate plan documents how your wealth will be distributed and ensures your children and other beneficiaries are taken care of when you pass away. Planning ahead with an advisor means you’re in control of how your fortune is allocated to your loved ones and the causes you care about. HilltopSecurities works with clients and their counsel to evaluate assets and develop a plan for bequeathing those assets to family, friends, and charitable organizations.


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Creating an estate plan to protect your legacy can have immeasurable value. It means your assets, efforts, and the ideals they personify can survive. Our estate plan services can help you reduce taxes, avoid unintended beneficiaries, and minimize legal disputes.

Donating to the causes you care about can help your legacy make a lasting impact. As your wealth management partner, we’re able to factor charitable giving into your estate and financial plan, allowing your assets to continue supporting your aspirations in the most tax-efficient manner possible.

Establishing a trust can allow you to protect your assets with control and discretion. We’re able to help you safeguard your legacy by developing a trust that specifies how you want to transfer assets to your beneficiaries, while allowing you to simplify or avoid probate. We review all elements of your financial situation to help minimize estate taxes and other costs associated with transferring wealth.

Speak to a HilltopSecurities financial professional to learn more about our estate, charitable giving, and trusts solutions.

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