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Municipal Underwriting


Local Knowledge with National Reach

HilltopSecurities has over 75 years of experience providing underwriting services to issuers across the country. As a regional firm with national reach, we understand the economy and politics of the communities our clients serve.

Our investment bankers work across sectors and practice groups to maintain a holistic view of the current issuance market, and to implement the latest structuring ideas and marketing strategies.


Expand Your Investor Pool

HilltopSecurities has over 1,300 separate institutional accounts in our investor portfolio. Our large network of potential investors — including Tier I, II, and III institutional investors as well as high net worth individuals — allows us to connect your issue with the right buyer.

In addition, our underwriting specialists work closely with our secondary sales & trading platform to determine potential investors, structure, and size of orders before pricing. This insight helps optimize the best possible deal structure and lowest interest cost.

HilltopSecurities Underwriting by the Numbers

Total equity¹
financings per year as
municipal advisor or underwriter²
transactions since 2016³
1. Capital position as of Dec. 31, 2021, audited financial statements.
2. For the 5-year period ending Dec. 31, 2021. Ipreo MuniAnalytics.
3. For the 5-year period ending Sep. 12, 2022. Internal company records..
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Negotiated & Competitive Underwriting

HilltopSecurities brings a demonstrated record of supporting issues as both senior and co-managing underwriter. Our 75+ years of experience working with issuers, rating agencies, bond insurers, and investors allows us to offer a suite of customizable solutions. By leveraging the resources of one of the nation’s leading municipal finance firms, our investment bankers work across sectors and practice groups to implement the latest structuring ideas and marketing strategies.

With our long-tenured team of sales, trading, and underwriting professionals, there are over 30 financial professionals supporting your issue. Our vast resources allow for deeper penetration into accounts as well as optimized negotiated pricing.

Learn more about how HilltopSecurities can help you fund your most critical projects.

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