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Smart Financing for Your Most Important Municipal Projects

HilltopSecurities has experience structuring financing for a wide range of municipal projects. Many of these projects have been financed using special purpose entity (SPE) financing. This financing structure provides specific benefits and protections to both bond issuers and bond holders that make it suitable for many different types of municipal projects. HilltopSecurities has used SPEs to finance projects that range from electric power generation and natural gas supply to air cargo, landfill gas, and desalination-related projects.

Our public finance team works collaboratively across disciplines to ensure the best and most up-to-date financing structures and strategies are employed for your municipal projects. In addition to our project finance team, you will benefit from the expertise of professionals working in all areas of public finance, including corporate finance, commodities, and capital markets.

Leading the Way in Public Finance

Financings per year as either municipal advisor or underwriter¹
Deal of the Year Awards our clients have won²
¹Average for the 5-year period ending Dec. 31, 2022. Source Ipreo MuniAnalytics.
²When serving as municipal advisor. Awarded by The Bond Buyer, Institutional Investor, and International Financing.

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