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Helping Small Businesses Thrive With Customized Solutions

Small business is the engine that drives economic growth and job creation. Your business, regardless of its size, has a vital role in the economy — one that HilltopSecurities takes very seriously.

Our business solutions are created with flexibility in mind to help you and your employees achieve your most important financial goals.


Explore Our Small Business Solutions

An IRA allows you to save for retirement with tax-free growth or on a tax-deferred basis. Our expertise extends to all forms of IRA — Traditional, Roth and Rollover.*

*Rolling over an employer sponsored plan into an IRA is not suitable for everyone. Tax implications, additional fees, and loan options may indicate an employer sponsored plan is more appropriate for some investors. Please consider all available options prior to making a decision.

A SEP Plan allows you to make sizable contributions for yourself and employees who meet the requirements.

401(k) plans offer you and your employees a tax-deferred means of retirement savings.

Similar to the plan above, but tailored for individual business owners such as sole proprietors.

Key Person Insurance is a life insurance plan that mitigates the financial impact of the sudden death of a crucial executive.

A PSP allows you to share the profits of your company with your employees. Contributions are at the employer’s discretion and are variable.

Speak with one of our seasoned advisors today to learn more about HilltopSecurities’ small business financial solutions.

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